The RealTide project aims to identify the causes of the main failures of tidal turbines and to provide a step-change in the design of key components adapting them more accurately to the complex environmental tidal conditions.

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Advanced monitoring systems together with maintenance strategies are been implemented to achieve increased reliability and improved performance over the full tidal turbine life. RealTide is pushing the transition of the tidal sector.

RealTide is a response to the Horizon 2020 Competitive Low-carbon Energy call "Developing the next generation technologies of renewable electricity and heating/cooling" (LCE-07-2016). The project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727689. RealTide is running since 1st January 2018.



The RealTide project combines innovation in flow measurement, condition monitoring and turbine components with tide-to-wire modelling to design reliable power take-off and control systems delivering grid compliant energy. RealTide, for the first time, is providing the know-how to support the development of Real Turbines, operating in Real Seas and under Real Conditions.