RealTide Public Deliverables - WP2 - Realistic Tidal Conditions

Deliverable D2.1 - Deployment and Instrument Specification for Advanced Flow Characterisation


Abstract: This report forms Deliverable 2.1 and details the work of Task 2.1 within WP2 of RealTide. Following the production of an internal deliverable (D1.5) which captured the consortium’s environmental data requirements, a test specification for a targeted high-resolution field deployment has been produced. A generic approach has been developed, which is subsequently applied specifically in relation to the measurement campaign planned within the RealTide project of the Sabella D10 tidal turbine. This includes the required instrument deployment duration, spatio- temporal resolution and instrument configuration along with system installation and recovery methods where appropriate. Marine operations will be coordinated by Sabella using local marine service providers. D2.1 details the use of existing and new sensors on and around the operating Sabella D10 turbine in the Fromveur passage, France. Advanced turbulence measurement sub-systems are proposed and outlined. This report provides a targeted measurement campaign specification, an outline of sensor systems and sub systems required to achieve this and a data analysis plan to enable subsequent physical and numerical modelling activities in the RealTide programme.

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RealTide Deliverable D2.1

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