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  • The development of a whole system, fully-coupled model of a laboratory-scale hydrokinetic tidal turbine, along with its interactions with the ocean environment and its electrical control system is described. The model was developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics, Large Eddy Simulation and Actuator Line Method coupled with an external torque control system. The control system is developed from the optimal torque speed curve based Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm.

  • Due to their recent introduction there are very few data available on the mechanical response of full scale tidal turbine blades. This lack of knowledge leads to uncertainty in design and was addressed in WP4.4. Better understanding of the blade response and its limits should contribute to improved turbine reliability. IFREMER worked with Sabella to design a specific test facility and then collaborated with EnerOcean and Bureau Veritas in developing specific instrumentation.

  • A team from Ingeteam has been working in collaboration with Enerocean, Sabella, Bureau Veritas and Ifremer for the development of task 1.7 within RealTide work package 1. The objective is the comparative study of the potential reduction of the environmental and economic impact over the lifetime of Sabella's D10 tidal turbine when applying the O&M strategies, monitoring techniques and new materials proposed in the different work packages of the RealTide project.

  • ENEROCEAN, IFREMER and SABELLA technical teams have successfully performed cyclic and static tests on a highly-instrumented newly designed tidal turbine blade at Brest Marine Research Centre IFREMER in the framework of the RealTide project.

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