RealTide Public Deliverables - WP 3 - Realistic Simulation of Tidal Turbines

Deliverable D3.1 Generalised tide-to- wire model

Summary: The objective of the task T3.1 is to develop a time dependant tide-to-wire model using blade element momentum theory (BEMT) to calculate the torque and thrust on a tidal turbine. From an input of the tidal conditions, the tool is also able to predict the power output in terms of electrical parameters and accounts for realistic tidal conditions such as turbulent and unsteady flow.

The report D3.1 details the theory, for the mechanical and electrical part, used for the development of the tide-to-wire model in Python code. Some application cases are also presented for the validation of the tool.


RealTide Deliverable 3.1
RealTide Deliverable 3.1

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